By default, VideographyWP PRO is able to query any public Vimeo video. If you want to import your private Vimeo videos you will have to create a Vimeo App and generate a personal access token inside your App.

To create an app you must go to If you are not already logged in on Vimeo you will be required to login when you click the buttons to create an App.

Step 1 - visit Vimeo Developer website

After clicking the button to create a new App, you will be taken to the App setup screen where you must enter the App title and description.

Step 2 - enter Vimeo App title and description

After this first step is completed, you will see the App details screen. In this screen, click on the left menu on “Personal Access Tokens” link.

Step 3 - generate the Personal Access Token in your Vimeo App

The next step is to generate your personal access token that will allow you to query your private videos.
Make sure you choose option “Authenticated” which will allow you to query your private videos.
Once selected, some other options will be displayed; under Scopes, choose both Public and Private and next click “Generate”.

Step 4 - set up the options for your Personal Access Token to Vimeo Api

After generating your token you will be able to see it into the tokens list, below the form that you used to generate the token; don’t forget to copy the token from the table which will be needed into the next step.

Step 5 - copy the authenticated token for Vimeo API

Last step is to paste the token into VideographyWP settings page, under tab “APIs & Licence” into the field “Vimeo personal access token”.

Step 6 - paste the token in VideographyWP Vimeo token field